Our climate-neutral contribution

In cooperation with carbon-connect AG, we try to organise congresses, seminars and conferences in a climate-neutral way. In a first step, all CO2 emissions caused by an event are calculated and offset for the climate via a high-quality climate protection project.

Forests are important to the health of our planet. Conserving existing forests, restoring forest ecosystems and reforesting suitable land is essential if we are to make the transition to a sustainable future for our economies and societies at the required speed and scale

In order to realise the vision of a climate-neutral congress, a number of measures have been compiled for the following areas of direct CO2 reduction.

  • PCO (Professional Congress Organiser)
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Congress participants
  • Service providers such as congress location, catering and technology
  • Carbon emissions are offset through support for the project:

    One-Million-Trees Challenge

    We have already been able to carry out the following events in a carbon-neutral manner.

    102nd Annual Meeting SGDV, Zurich 17-18.9.2020 MCH Messe Zurich Livestreaming: 670 online participants

    103rd Annual Meeting SSDV, Geneva 26 -27.8.2021 PALEXPO Hybrid: 748 participants

    We are proud to have already supported:
    The “One-Tree-One Live" reforestation campaign of BOS Switzerland.

    BOS Switzerland is a non-profit organisation based in Zurich that has been working for 15 years to protect the last Orang Utans and preserve their habitat, the rainforest on Borneo in Indonesia. As part of the "One-Tree-One-Life" campaign, BOS Switzerland works together with volunteers, BOS Foundation staff and the local population to reforest burnt rainforest and restore destroyed peat swamp forests.